The Transformation Cards

These cards quite simply are about life, change
and also getting the best from it.

They are designed to look at what is happening and
will prepare us for what change that sits ahead

Whether it through helping with gaining acceptance,
finding the willingness to do what is necessary
so the right ending can be worked towards and or
to create understanding to why the need is there
and changing thought patterns that disrupt and
prevent gaining the best possible outcome.

They will challenge the user to break down
their barriers and or resistance there may be
so that a new prospective can be formed
through information gathering

Whether it is getting our head around what is
happening or just to help alter life by providing the
necessary information to start the process.

Or it maybe that we need to know why life isn't
changing as it should through understanding what is
preventing it from happening as it is supposed
to or to simply help us find the best way forward

They will help us look at alternatives and options,
produce awareness and insights to help
negotiate the process from start to finish.

Whatever the need, these cards are
informative and are easy to use.

The cards will provide direction, help to
break down  barriers of resistance and will
relay the knowledge needed to create
perspective and help us find our way forward.

  All of this is in very simple, easy to understand
responses that get straight to the point
Each deck of the Transformation Cards contain 128 hand tailored cards and comes with their own personal
guidebook to assist you in the use of the cards.

The Guidebook has easy to follow user tips and
helpful hints on how to get the best from
the cards and how they work

Please note...
The example reading has uses 9 of the 128 cards and
is designed as a tool to show how the cards work
Transformation Cards
with a
Drawstring Bag